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Chief Archivist

Bradley PayneBradley J. Payne

Bradley J. Payne become a fan of the Principality long before he obtained a graduate degree in Art History from the University of Glasgow, Scotland.  As a child Bradley became fascinated with European monarchies, and wrote a letter to each reigning monarch requesting information and coats of arms, etc.  The only reply he received was from HSH Prince Rainier III of Monaco.

Prince Rainier included all of the information requested, as well as a signed letter thanking the young boy for his interest.  Bradley’s life would change forever.  He became a collector of historic documents, coins and all things Monaco.  His collection now rivals that of any museum curating a Monaco collection.

Mr. Payne became an advisor to Consul Warren and archivist to the Consulate when he volunteered to exhibit his collection to a stunned audience when the Embassy of Monaco held its Consular meeting in Las Vegas in June of 2012.  In addition to his service to the Consulate, Mr. Payne is the proprietor of The Gem Trader.  He resides in the Phoenix area with his wife, Dr. Sarah Gatza Payne.

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