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Las Vegas Consulate welcomes Monaco’s San Francisco vice-Consul March 22, 2011

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Honorary vice-Consul Ale Gicqueau and Mrs. Alina Gicqueau visited Las Vegas on Valentine’s Day weekend.  The team at the Las Vegas Consulate and the Consular Chamber of Commerce took advantage of the visit to show vice-Consul Gicqueau how the international society in Las Vegas treats visiting dignitaries.

Consuls of Monaco at the Wynn

Ale Gicqueau, vice-Consul of Monaco; Mrs. Alina Gicqueau; Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl, Consul of Chile; Jonathan Warren, Consul of Monaco in the Le Reve theater at Wynn Resort

The first night the visitors were treated to front row seats at Two Tenors and a Rose, an operatic musical event and after-party sponsored by the Consulate of Monaco. 

The next evening vice-Consul and Mrs. Gicqueau, Consul Warren and Consul Paulina Biggs Sparkuhl were treated by our good friends at the Consulate of Poland to VIP seating at Le Reve, the amazing show at the Wynn Resort.   This followed a wonderful dinner at the Wynn, where we were joined by John Petkus, Honorary Consul of Poland and Mrs. Mickey Petkus, who is certainly one of the best Las Vegas connections anyone could have.


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